The American Turners, a federation of Turner Societies in the United States of America and Canada, is organized to promote health and physical education, cultural education, and rational thinking, in order to advance the health, happiness and progress of mankind.

It is the principal duty of our Societies to provide schools in health and physical education for youth and adults and to promote their intellectual and cultural growth and moral character through special classes under qualified and competent instructors.

The American Turners, having, since 1848, endured untold hardships and paid the supreme sacrifice to preserve the Union of these United States as a democracy in a republic, established upon the principles of freedom and equality and dedicated to justice and humanity, it is the purpose of the American Turners to preserve and perfect this democracy. We recognize the family group upon which the greatness of our country has been built and the harmonious education of the body and mind as the most important factors to preserve and perfect this democracy.

The American Turners endeavor to accomplish their purposes and promote their ideals through:

1. A planned program of health and physical education for the development of A sound body;

2. A planned program of cultural education for the development of a sound mind;

3. A planned recreational and social program for all members of the family group; and

4. Participation in all worthy civic projects, both Local and National.

The American Turners is not a political or sectarian body obligatiing its members to any definite demands except United States or Canadian citizenship, but urges its members to exercise the right of independent, though and action through the ballot and to follow the dictates of their conscience in religious matters.

The American Turners strive to attain the preceding objectives as incorporated in these their Principles, by staunch adherence to its motto "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body."